Welcome to The Little School!

The work of childhood is to grow in size, knowledge, confidence, empathy—in every dimension, all the time. Each child brings his or her own individual strengths to that journey and each advances at his or her own pace. Some children are more social, some are early readers; some love to build, some love to sing, and there are seeds of great potential in all of them.

Nestled in 12 acres of woods and meadows in Bellevue, The Little School provides a natural setting for our community of students and educators to nurture that potential while exploring the wider world. We strive to provide a safe environment to build upon the inherent strengths of each child and support them as they expand their knowledge, build their skills, and deepen their empathy.

Because we are “little,” each student knows and is known by the whole community, and children here learn to develop the interpersonal skills and confidence to advocate for themselves and for others. That commitment to community includes advocacy and care for our surroundings as well. The classroom extends to the outdoors, providing plenty of chances for children to appreciate the beauty and importance of caring for the natural world.

Come visit The Little School—WHERE BIG FUTURES BEGIN!


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