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Welcome from the Head

Peter Berner-Hays

Welcome to The Little School.

As you enjoy the photographs on the homepage you might wonder, what are these kids doing? What are these kids looking at? The answers are revealed throughout this website. The Little School is an incredibly dynamic place for children. It is a school in which a child’s social/emotional development is as important as their intellectual growth.

Each day as I walk across our 12-acre wooded campus I see ideal spaces created for children. Trails between tall cedars and Douglas firs, grassy fields and age-specific climbers offer an idyllic learning environment. I see kids engaged in serious exploration and joyful deep learning – it is the best part of my day! Inside the classroom buildings, inspired educators bring experience, creativity and intention to their work with children. Each and every child has excitement for learning built in. We work to draw this curiosity, this energy out to full bloom. Progressive education in action – and it happens here every day.

We have been an educational leader in the Pacific Northwest since 1959 with thousands of children, families, friends, volunteers and teachers making up The Little School community. Today, our school is a vibrant mix of children, families and staff coming from more than thirty countries around the world. We all learn from each other and with each other. I encourage you to take your time, investigate the various tabs and pages that describe our philosophy, our program, our people and our practices. Click on the school video link, and enjoy the sights and sounds on our lush campus. Then I hope you will be intrigued and consider a visit in person. Our website is an exciting two-dimensional visit, but come to our campus for the real thing!


Peter Berner-Hays
Head of School