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A New Space for Our Library: Fall 2024

Building Components: 

  • One-story, 2,900 square foot modular building. 
  • Solar panels to power all of the electrical needs of the building. 
  • Flexible space for the library’s 15,000 volume collection, class story time and the bathtub. 


Guiding Principles

  • Child-centered  
  • Mission and vision aligned 
  • Consistent with our commitment to sustainability and integrated with our existing campus  
  • Adaptable 
  • Conducive to campus security  
  • Cost-effective 
  • Consistent with the school's needs and timeline 

Where Will This Building Go?

After thorough review of spaces available, the Campus Planning Task Force in partnership with Bassetti determined the best location for this building is in the space of the existing wood chips next to the Big Field.

Other solutions and locations considered:

  • Library in common spaces of each building 

  • Library in Columbia Room/Puyallup Room 

  • Library in Gym 

  • Library in Art Room 

  • Library in Outdoor Ed Room 

  • Library in both Art and Outdoor Ed Rooms 

  • Library in old Admin Building

  • Library in Breezeway/Columbia Room

  • Move a 4/5 Classroom to Outdoor Ed or Art Room and locate Library in original space 

  • Move all 4/5s to Rivers Building, move specialists and Library to Cedars 

  • Yurt behind Woods for 4/5  

  • Portable in the parking lot 

  • Wall in the Covered Court 

  • New Construction 

Why Modular Construction?

Child-centered and good for our students:
Though we all love being welcomed by books in Rivers, the space is not conducive to losing oneself in a book, quietly exploring new texts or listening with captivation to a wonderful read aloud. This new space will be designed for children and learning.  

Construction, permitting and sitework are streamlined and much faster for a modular building than new construction. Concurrent construction phases made possible with modular buildings reduce project schedules by up to 35%. 

Building in a controlled factory environment allows for standardized methods, consistent labor and less waste from inclement weather. All of which creates a more efficient and environmentally friendly construction process.  

This solution is roughly one-third the cost of new construction. 

Building Walk-through Video

Does this solve all of our space needs?

This building is a relatively fast solution for our current space limitations. As we move forward with this building, the board is also examining the full scope of campus with a holistic view of the school’s 20-year needs (and beyond). This year, our full community will engage a campus planning process to help us think about how to have our buildings live our commitments to: 

  1. childhood and play  

  2. sustainability  

  3. accessibility   

  4. safety and security 

  5. vibrant spaces for your children to learn 

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Feedback

We want to hear from you. If you have a question, someone else is probably wondering the same thing. Please share your questions and comments and we will weave them into the evolving list of Frequently Asked Questions. 
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Connect with us 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the building, please contact Campus Planning Task Force Leaders:  

This project will be funded through a combination of philanthropy, operations and a short-term loan from the school's reserves. There will be opportunities for the entire community to learn more about the modular library building and how they can get involved as construction nears. We welcome meetings for those interested in discussing their family's philanthropic participation. Please contact Libby Singer at to arrange a meeting time.