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Mission, Vision and Values

At The Little School, the mission guides our daily work with students. It is what we do, while the vision is why we do it. Our values reflect how we interact and support one another as a community. These three components are the ethos of who we are as a school. We are proud to share these with you and to put them into action each day at The Little School.


The Little School cultivates authentic learning in community and the natural world, amplifying curiosity and expanding sense of self, belonging and possibility.


To foster vibrant understanding and promote action that advances sustainability, justice and joy.


Members of the TLS community:

  • Demonstrate a deep respect for childhood.
  • Wonder, learn and reflect for continuous growth.
  • Celebrate creativity, innovation, kindness and curiosity.
  • Honor identity, foster belonging and promote justice.
  • Steward the environment and engage nature.
  • Cultivate and embrace joy.

You can freely talk to your teachers. They are here to help you.
— Hannah, TLS Alum Student