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Strategic Plan

Over the 2021-2022 school year, TLS’ community dreamt together about the school’s future.

  • How will we continue to cultivate authentic learning and amplify curiosity in meaningful ways?
  • What does it mean to expand a culture of belonging and continue to embrace the global community that makes us unique?
  • What does it look like to actively and responsibly steward our beautiful campus?
  • What are the organizational structures the school will need to live boldly while remaining nimble?  

Our students, faculty, families, alumni and Board of Trustees all offered exciting ideas through work sessions, focus groups and surveys. The Board’s Strategic Thinking Committee then synthesized contributions into a series of priorities and initiatives that span near-, mid- and long-term horizons. Below are the graphics for these priorities across the horizons.

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Then, check out the video section below to gain further insight into the overall plan. This will be a living page with new videos being posted to bring our work on the initiatives to life.


Summer 2023 Update - DEIJ and Climate Action Planning

This spring has continued to be full of exciting movement towards our strategic initiatives. Our DEIJ Committee has continued work drafting a DEIJ Plan and our Climate Action Plan has taken flight!

Click Read Now on the images below to learn about our progress.

Climate Action Plan Update

DEIJ Plan Update


2022-2023 Mid-Year Update

This fall we launched our new Strategic Plan and held some community meetings to share the initiatives ahead for TLS. We promised then to circle back mid-year to share progress.  

As a reminder, the initiatives within Horizon 1 “Living Our Commitments” sit across four pillars: Program, People, Place and Foundation. We invite you to take a deeper look at ongoing initiatives in these areas and their results. Click Read Now on the image below to learn about our progress.

Video Library

PLACE - Student Engagement and Community Partnerships

TLS Land Acknowledgement - Spring 2023

PLACE - Nurture Environmental Responsibility and Relationship

Jessie and Ginger discuss TLS approach to land stewardship.

PROGRAM - Deepen and Advance Authentic Learning

Taira explains how she is bringing her professional development around writing into the classroom.

TLS Trustees Introduce the Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Information Session - October 2022

Plan News and Updates

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Strategic Plan Launch - October 2022

We are so excited to share the latest TLS Strategic Plan with you. Over the last 18 months, the entire TLS community came together to provide input and think critically about a bold and innovative future for TLS; one that both embraces our child-focused mission and sets TLS up for a long-term, sustainable future. We are building on the success of our previous Strategic Plan, which has given us a revitalized campus, a vibrant and diverse community and a re-energized approach to progressive education grounded in authentic learning...

Read More about Strategic Plan Launch - October 2022