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Welcome from the Head

Welcome to The Little School!

From the first time I walked onto campus, I have marveled at the way curiosity shapes our students’ experience of learning. At The Little School, we’ve designed a program to capture and cultivate children’s engagement and wonder. Curious thinkers make connections. So, we make sure that each child’s experience with us balances academic, social and experiential learning within a deeply caring and connected community.

Our 12.5-acre campus provides a unique lab for play and exploration. Each day, our students are outside constructing their understanding of the natural and social world. 

As they design complex forts in our forest at recess or, as we call it, Outside Time, they also hone their engineering and collaboration skills. As they explore and catalogue different species of plants with our environmental science teacher, they observe, question, hypothesize, predict and test in a setting that brings their learning to life.

Inside our classrooms, children build thinking and social skills that allow them to meaningfully apply their learning as mathematicians, writers, readers, artists, scientists and friends.

Here, you will find a passion for creativity and expression that ensures our students find their voice and flourish, not only at The Little School, but well into their future. We are proud that our graduates are thriving in public and private middle schools across our region.

I invite you to visit and learn more about us. Bring your curiosity and discover what learning looks like here at The Little School. I look forward to meeting you!