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Frequently Asked Questions

How many applicants do you typically accept?

This varies from year to year, but typically we admit 20-30 new students each year. Ages 3-5 are our typical entry points, although we usually accept a few new students into grades 1-5 as well.

What kind of student does well at The Little School?

Students who are curious, school ready and able to learn in a social learning environment thrive at The Little School.

What happens during the student visit part of the admission process?

This varies by age. We create a developmentally appropriate visit experience for each child, which allows us to get to know your child better and to see how they function in a classroom environment.

Do you do any testing as part of the admission process?

No. We rely on the application, the teacher evaluation, and the applicant visit to inform our admission decision.

Are parent/guardian interviews part of the admission process?

No. Parents and guardians are asked to take a tour of the school so that they can see if it feels like a good match for their child. We also offer an admission coffee and an open house, which can give parents/guardians even more insight into what we offer.

Can I bring my child on the tour?

No. The tours are geared for adults, and typically are about two hours long. Your child will have a chance to visit the school later in the admission process.