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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do families choose The Little School?

“We toured most of the independent schools in the area and the children at The Little School seemed the happiest and were most able to describe confidently what they liked about their school experience.”

“We wanted a school that developed curiosity, self-advocacy, and modeled lifelong learning. I attended TLS as a child, and it was a place where I felt valued and encouraged to learn and challenge myself. It was also a place where I was able to make good friends and feel like a valued member of a community. I am excited to send my children to the same magical place where I truly ‘grew up’ both intellectually and socially.”

What kind of student does well at The Little School?

Students thrive at The Little School who are curious, creative, interested in learning, and able to learn in a social learning environment. Children need to be practicing independence skills, toilet trained, and interested in connecting with peers and adults for friendship and learning.

How many students are at TLS, and what is the class size?

We have about 200 students in preschool through fifth grade, making us small enough for each child to be known deeply by lots of caring adults. There are 12-14 students in the early childhood classes and 16-18 in the elementary classes with a teacher and a teaching assistant. Our indoor classrooms provide engaging learning communities, and our natural outdoor spaces provide lots of space for learning, challenge and exploration.

What is the ethnic diversity at TLS?

We have children and families from around the Puget Sound area and around the world. Our families come from over 25 countries and speak many different languages at home. We also strive to have our classrooms reflect the cultural, social and economic diversity in our community. Therefore, we offer financial assistance to help more families afford our program.

Where do TLS graduates go to middle school, and what skills do they carry into the future?

Typically, TLS graduates go to other area independent and public schools both big and small, college prep and exploratory, as well as all kinds in between. Families report that their children are well prepared for middle school, knowing how to be engaged and interested learners. Our graduates advocate for themselves as well as others, carry themselves as confident learners, see adults as allies and collaborate well with peers.