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Alumni Newsletter

The Little School Alumni Association has launched the first TLS Alumni Newsletter. Sign up to join our mailing list to ensure you get the next volume delivered to you as soon as it's available.

Volume 3: August 2021

  • Alum Highlight: Ryan Long
  • Faculty Highlight: Deirdre Reedy
  • Commemorating Community
  • Before, After and After That
  • What's Next, 2014 Outgrowers?
  • Alum Counselors at Summer Camp
  • Stay Connected
  • Share an Update with Us!

Volume 2: February 2021

  • Alum Highlight: Sarah Gallien
  • Alum Highlight: Jessica Johnson
  • Alum Highlight: Melissa Johnson
  • Come Together: The Little School Celebration & Auction
  • Faculty Highlight: Mike Murphy
  • Welcome to the Rivers Building
  • What's Next, 2014 Outgrowers?
  • Stay Connected
  • Share an Update with Us! 

Volume 1: October 2020

  • Alum Highlight: Lauren Geertsen
  • In the Homestretch
  • Alum Faculty Highlight: Nancy Palmer
  • Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane
  • Stay Connected
  • Share an Update with Us!

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