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Building on a Dream

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

As you drive into the Turnaround right now, it’s hard not to wonder what is happening on our campus. In a culture that values curiosity so deeply, the questions inspired by our construction site are countless. Each day, a member of our community marvels at the construction that is transforming our backyard.  

Walking around outside time, kindergarteners gather at one of our viewing doors. “Yep. It looks flatter,” one student says after a conversation about grading the earth. “The dirt is definitely working.” Days later, two four-year-old girls can’t contain their excitement from a recent visit with Builder Joe, our site superintendent, “Did you even know that a dump truck has five axles? That’s more than me! It uses all of them to distribute the load so the truck doesn’t break. Did you even know that?” Cedars students ponder the cost and the size, “If it’s a 14,000 square foot building, how much will it cost to build it? It’s gotta cost a lot just to get the ground ready.” Even parents stand atop the hill by the Admin Building and muse, “How fun do you think it’d be to get that digger to the top of that dirt pile? It’s massive!” Our Little School curiosity is insatiable and inspiring. 

This building has been sixty years in the making. Its footprint was part of the original drawings for the campus and its purpose is as mission-resonant now as it was then. The mission of The Little School is to keep alive each child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, to support balanced social and academic skill development, and to foster community minded, compassionate and intrinsically motivated students. The building will give us countless opportunities to imagine how to connect as a community in new ways and celebrate the enthusiasm for learning and friendship that is inherent at TLS. This community space, even once construction is finished, will continue to serve as a provocation for learning, initiating inquiry, community and expression, exactly in the way our founders imagined when they first sketched the idea for our Bellevue campus fifty years ago. 

To encourage your curiosity and engagement with the project, we’ve built a construction-focused website for our community! It outlines the vision and plans of the project, highlights updates and invites your participation in our Campaign for a Big Future. Please explore the site! Reach out if you have questions. We love talking about this project!