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Calling All Nominations

Friday, January 11, 2019

Dear Little School Families and Friends,

This time of year, many of us are looking ahead to the future, making plans and resolutions for the days ahead. As a Board of Trustees, future planning is familiar territory. It is our responsibility to care for and preserve The Little School’s future, ensuring its vitality for the next generation and the next beyond that. Even as we celebrate this year’s 60th anniversary, the Board is making decisions with the school’s centennial in mind. It’s exciting work!

Of course, to do this, we need engaged and talented people involved. The Committee on Trustees (COT) works hard to be certain that a highly-functioning, diverse and uniquely qualified group is in place. Each year our needs are a little different as we navigate the strategic work before us. COT has already begun identifying new volunteer candidates – either at the trustee or committee member level – and we would love your help! (For more info on our current board, check out our trustee bios on the school website).

When recruiting new members to the board each year, COT looks for people who can:

  • be ambassadors for The Little School
  • strongly support the mission
  • further Board diversity (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, school affiliation, background, etc.)
  • have a skill set necessary for the specific work ahead

This year, we are specifically seeking volunteers with experience/backgrounds in:

  • modern marketing
  • finance
  • strategic planning

We also have a continued focus on increasing Board diversity to more closely mirror our school community and the broader Eastside.

COT welcomes trustee nominations anytime throughout the year but fall/winter is a specific time of focus. We keep a running list of potential candidates which is reviewed each fall considering the board’s specific needs for the year ahead. Often candidates are on the list for many years in advance of their actual board involvement. This allows us to create a group of incoming trustees each year specifically suited to the board’s current make-up and project needs. A
A short outline of COT’s nomination/recruitment process each year is:
Fall: Assess specific board needs for upcoming 1-3 years. Review existing list of potential candidates. Invite nominations. Develop initial slate (reviewed by Head of School & Board’s Executive Committee).
January: Board approves final slate of prospective trustee for coming year. 
Spring: Courtship meetings with each candidate. Incoming trustees confirmed. 
June: Announce new trustees (Happenings and Annual Meeting). 
We are recruiting nominations now! If you are interested in getting involved at the board level or know of someone else you think we should consider – particularly someone with skills in marketing, finance or strategic planning – please complete the Expression of Board Interest form or contact me. Questions about the process or the board in general are welcome as well.
Thank you for your help in our recruitment process! We look forward to building our candidate list and getting to know more people in The Little School’s extraordinary community. 

Happy New Year,

Jenny Steen
Chair, Committee on Trustees (COT)