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“We see the faculty and staff continuing to look at ways to tweak and tune and invest in new ways of engaging with students. We see the “kids come first” mentality every day, in every interaction with students, teachers and staff.”

— Michael and Julia, Current TLS Parents

One of the principles that unites us as a community is our love of childhood and our deep respect for children and learning. From board meetings to parent conferences to student-led class conversations, we continuously affirm our necessary connection to one another, our responsibility to improve the communities of which we are a part and the joy we find with one another. Our community’s vibrancy comes from these shared values and mutual appreciation. We respect and celebrate that each of us is a crucial addition to TLS’ ecosystem.

At The Little School, our warm and welcoming community is evident from the moment you come on campus. Visitors are instantly welcomed as friends. The nurturing and openness of our classrooms extend beyond those walls to include not just our current community of students, families, trustees, faculty and staff, but our alum and extended community as well. Current families stay after school to play on the Big Field, alum students come back to volunteer in a class or at the library and all are invited to the Arts Festival and other school events. At The Little School, everyone belongs and is appreciated for who they are – a lesson from the classroom that is a key element of The Little School culture. Once you are part of The Little School community, you are part of the family.

2022-23 Self-reported Race and Ethnicity
2022-23 Non-English Languages

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