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Community Update

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu 


Hi TLS Families, 

We hope that the journey ahead is not a thousand miles long, but we are grateful to be taking steps with you each day. Today, we launched our distance learning plan! As we mentioned last week, we hope that our plan achieves four purposes: 

  • Staying connected and supporting relationships between students, teachers and families 
  • Continuing to learn and grow 
  • Inspiring curiosity, discovery and fun 
  • Supporting one another 

Week One: Flexibility, Iteration, Routine: Week one will be messy. We are learning new routines and delivery systems, your child is learning new routines and learning systems, and you are navigating work and life demands with your children at home. It’s a lot, particularly in the context of physical distancing and keeping everyone healthy. In the spirit of TLS’ commitment to continuous improvement and responsive education, we will adjust and improve our plans as we go. Thanks for keeping a sense of humor, curiosity and partnership as we navigate this together.  

There are a lot of articles with advice for engaging this new terrain as a family. Building routines, setting expectations, taking breaks for food and movement, and being kind to yourself are common strategies that families use for success. If you take care of the food and self-care, we will aim to be your partners in building routines and expectations.

Wednesday afternoon planning: Because this is a new learning approach for our community, we will be using every Wednesday afternoon for faculty to digitally connect, share resources and solutions, brainstorm new ideas, and plan together. Plans and check-ins for students will be lighter on Wednesdays for this reason.  

I’ve got some feedback: The only way this is going to work is if we feel like we are in true partnership with one another. We’ll need to communicate and share experiences. 

  • For these first few days, email compliments to your teachers, specialists or T.A.s with abandon! It’s great to know what works.  
  • If you have resources that you want to share with us, please send them to and she will add them to a community webpage that we will be sharing later this week. Stay tuned! 
  • On Friday, we will send a feedback survey. If you can, please make a few minutes this weekend to complete it. It will really help us continue to hone our approach.  

That’s it! We’ll “see” you tomorrow. 

Have a peaceful evening everyone!