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Our first alumni were three years old in 1959. Flashforward to 2023, we have nearly 66 years of students and their families that have grown up at The Little School. Regardless of the decade that they attended, we hope our alumni remember teachers who deeply respected children, curiosity and childhood, a community that invested in school being a wonderful experience, friends who loved to learn and play beside them and a majestic forest that offered space for imagination, connection and reflection.  

We believed in it, but it's been astounding to witness it with all three of our children, how letting kids be kids and embracing all the gifts childhood offers for learning sets them up to be quite incredible and capable middle and high schoolers. 

— Kelly and Michael, Current and Alumna TLS Parents

Becoming an Alum 

As students wind down their time at TLS, we celebrate their journey with an Outgrowing Ceremony. Each student has a faculty member step up to speak about them and their unique strengths and gifts. As they launch into their new middle schools, we hope that their understanding of themselves guides them to advocate for their passions and beliefs and helps them build meaningful relationships with peers and teachers.  

Where are they now?  

Our recent alumni are in middle and high schools all around the Puget Sound. They attend independent, parochial, public, charter and choice schools. We love when they pop by to share stories of their new communities or to reminisce about their time at The Little School. As they head into high school and college, some of our alumni return as summer camp counselors, ultimate frisbee or running coaches and even student interns in our classrooms. Wherever they are in their lives, we hope their TLS family remains an important part of their story.  

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