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The Little School is an extraordinary place for kids, and our students are extraordinary as well. Little School students have a love of learning that is infectious. Play and learning often go hand-in-hand as student interests serve as springboards for both teacher-led and self-directed endeavors; discoveries about spiders, Rube Goldberg machines and number sense often extend into free play and Outside Time. 

Students at The Little School are compassionate and empathetic as they learn to advocate for themselves and others. Our students practice these skills on a daily basis, negotiating with classmates during Outside Time, building relationships with students in a buddy class or delving into more complex studies such as world events. 

From the song written by Vivian's class of 4 and 5 year olds, to the capstone project about progressive education by a student in Katie's fifth grade class, to the regular presence of alumni on campus and at school events, it is apparent that Little School students love The Little School.

The Little School

(sung to This Land is Your Land)

We make art here
We look at trees here
We play outside here
Go down the slide here
We make our friends feel good
Especially on their birthdays
This school is made for you and me!

When we're at Sing-A-Long
We like to sing some songs
Songs about earth and space
And about this special place
We call The Little School
A place that's really cool
This school is made for you and me!

 – Vivian's Class, 2014-15