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Summer Camp

This summer at The Little School, we will have weekly thematic camps for returning TLS students entering PK or kindergarten. Camp will run from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. daily. The cost is $375 per week. In order to minimize health concerns for campers and staff, students will be grouped in cohorts or eight children and two counselors. If possible, we ask families to sign up for all four weeks of camps to help maintain the integrity of the cohorts.

Summer Camp registration is now closed.

July 13-17 Jurassic Journey

Journey back to when dinosaurs big and small roamed the earth. We will explore fossils, volcanoes and meteors and learn about the remarkable dinosaurs that dominated the land, air and sea 65 million years ago. The Jurassic was a time like no other in earth’s history. Bird-like pterosaurs and archaeopteryx soared through the skies; plesiosaurs glided through the water; and massive plant eaters and meat eaters roamed the land, and in the undergrowth, tiny mammals dwelled, awaiting their own evolution. We’ll play, roam, explore and literally dig into the science and mystery of this amazing time. 

July 20-24 Circus Magic and Games

Do you love magic, physical challenge or making people laugh? Join us for a week of circus-related activities – learn some safe tumbling, balancing, juggling and bouncing stunts; master a new magic trick; tame a wild animal “stuffy” and learn to tell some funny jokes. Every day we will create a new balloon animal, learn a new field game and eat fruity popsicles. Come and be silly with us! 

July 27-31  Wild Animals and Nature Explorers

Put on your binoculars and your safari hat and join us for a week exploring nature and wildlife. From the vast rainforests of the Amazon to the wild African savannah, children will learn about some of earth’s most magnificent animals, including some of the amazing wildlife right here on campus and in our own backyards. We’ll become wildlife biologists as we ask questions and acquire new skills of observing and recording animals in the forest. There will be tons of fun with art, games and activities inspired by the beauty and genius of wild animals. 

August 3-7  Water World

Put on your shorts, bathing suit, goggles and sunscreen, and join us for a wet week of camp. Rain or shine, the summer program will end with a splash! We’ll dash through sprinklers, play water tag, have bucket relays, throw water balloons and create our own river and lake systems with mud and sand. In addition to all the water play, we’ll also learn about the most amazing substance on earth, from the tiny molecule that sustains all life on earth to the destructive power of storms, floods and big waves. Keep cool, and close out the summer with lots of wet fun!