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Friday Health and Wellness Update

Friday, March 6, 2020

Hi Families,

If Thursday was a “mini-Friday,” does this make today a “maximized Friday?” It looked like it! The Center Room filled with incredible Big Block Villages this afternoon, with four-year-old “construction workers” tackling the job together. “I have a great name for the new building!” says one of the boys on the team, “The Community Love Building.” As we head off to the weekend, please know we are so grateful for you – our amazing families and our community. We continue to shine.

This is a longer message. Please take time to read it when you are rested. There is a lot of important information.

Current status: We continue to have no reported or confirmed cases of students, faculty, staff or administration with Coronavirus COVID-19 or who have had direct exposure to someone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus COVID-19. Ten students stayed home today because of illness. None reported fevers and many reported feeling better but took a day to make sure they were well. We expect to be open next week and will continue to modify program as recommended by King County Public Health and the CDC. Thank you for helping our community stay well.

Planning Ahead: As we’ve mentioned over the week, we have been planning for modified learning if the school needs to close. I want to take some time to outline a few more of our plans to help you prepare at home.

  • How will we decide? There are four key factors that will impact our decision making moving forward:
    1. King County Public Health and CDC recommendations.
      1. Currently, the recommendation is to remain open.
    2. Student absence rates because of illness.
      1. Currently, 6% of our students are home because of illness.
    3. Faculty availability because of illness, risk or childcare.
      1. Currently, we are well staffed at school.
    4. A diagnosed case at the school.
      1. Currently, we have no cases at school.
  • In the event of extended closure, we will partner with you to continue learning for our students.
    1. We will use the first two days for faculty to work together on plans and materials for modified learning. These days will be in-service days. Though many of our peer schools have taken in-service days in advance of closure, we have wanted to keep school as continuous as possible. We also wanted our planning to follow the most up-to-date experiences in the classroom. Waiting to take in-service days until closure meets these objectives.
    2. We will use Zoom and email as our primary communication tools. Teachers will email daily prompts and assignments for students and will note class meeting or lesson times for Zoom. Pods are working together to optimize experiences for our students. Some prompts may invite students to make or investigate something in their home. Some prompts will offer skill practice. Some will offer creative activity. Occasionally, we may use videos or other resources to support student learning and engagement.
    3. Your family will need access to a computer or tablet with WiFi during this time. If you do not have access to a computer, please reach out to Michael Asbridge, our Technology Manager, and your classroom teacher, and we will work with you on solutions.
    4. Classroom teachers will share a list of supplies that would be ideal to have at home in today’s Friday Newsletters. Please review the list and see if you have the materials suggested.
    5. We recognize that closure would create an incredibly unusual learning situation for your family. We will send guidelines and ideas for support should we need to make this decision.

Events: Per King County Public Health recommendations, we have made several decisions about upcoming events.

  • Cancellations.
    • We are canceling this weekend’s auction work party.
    • We are canceling Ultimate Frisbee practice next Tuesday.
    • We are canceling next Friday’s PGA Bowling Event. In the event that school is still open next Friday, we will use Friday as an in-service day as currently planned, and school will be closed without childcare.
  • Postponements.
    • We are postponing our Once Upon A Time Auction scheduled for Saturday, March 21. However, Becky Dolan and her amazing auction co-chairs, Shannon Westfahl and Pamela Kessler, have already secured a new event night in the same location! Hopefully, we will get to gather, laugh, celebrate, give and connect on Saturday, April 18!!!! We cannot wait! More info to come.

Deep clean: We have hired additional cleaners to complete a deep clean of our buildings over the weekend.

We will stay on top of the news this weekend and, if appropriate, send an update Sunday night. In the meantime, have a restful, healthy and happy weekend!

In gratitude for your partnership,