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A Friday Video Message

Friday, April 3, 2020

Hi TLS Community!

Happy Friday! For those of you who are done reading email for the week, watch a video message instead.

For those of you who prefer to read, hi. We miss you. I wanted to reach out today with some gratitude for all of the ways you are supporting your children and the school. Thank you for being incredible partners. Your kids are so lucky to have you in their lives.

As you may know, Governor Inslee extended the stay-at-home order through May 4th. This means that school will need to remain closed through that time. With both the board and our admin team, we are planning for different scenarios for opening. We continue to closely monitor data, orders and recommendations. The safety and well-being of our community will continue to guide our decisions and approach.

As a faculty, we continue to build and adapt our Connected Learning experiences for your children. We are also working to create layers of support, community and resource sharing, on top of the daily plans led by teachers. Here are some of the supports we have put in place this week:

  • Our webpage has a growing collection of curated resources and activities that parents can access.
  • Our school counselor Julie Irvine, has created a weekly blog, which she calls the Dog Blog with lessons, videos and resources to support you and your children through this topsy-turvy time. This week’s focus is emotional regulation.
  • Our learning specialist, Jenny Chiang, is setting up support sessions for the oldest classrooms and reaching out individually to students in the younger grades to set up academic support.
  • Our extended day team is offering “afterschool” sessions to provide a space for kids to hang out, socialize, read a book, draw together, or do something active together, via Zoom. And, if you need some fun activities to make and do over spring break there are daily plans on the website, with ideas for all ages. Balloon tennis anyone?!
  • The Heart of Parenting! If you can, set aside an hour to join the parenting support group, hosted by Kary, Jenny and Julie I. on Tuesday, April 14 from 8:00-9:00. They are creating a space for parents to share strategies, discuss challenges, and most importantly to build fellowship.

Across the school, amazing things have been happening this week. Students in Amanda’s and Michele’s classes took a successful virtual field trip to Mars! Katie and Heidi’s students designed amazing FlipGrid projects. Cindy S. and Alison’s classes created models of the human circulatory system. Jackie H. and Taira’s students designed foil boats. In early childhood, whether making guacamole with Mandy or studying slugs with the 4’s teachers, students deepened their understanding of gardens. So much is possible for our community.  

Finally, we hope that each of you will get some time next week to relax and exhale. We know how hard you and your children have been working to adjust to our new reality. You deserve a run by yourself, some time with your favorite book and some play time for fun with you children. We hope it’s a great week.

We can’t wait to reconnect to engage the powerful, connected learning ahead!

In gratitude,