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Are you ready to make a real difference in our community? Join us in an exciting journey of empowerment and growth as we seek talented individuals like YOU to support The Little School! Your passions, interests, and unique skills are the key to creating a lasting impact. For more information or if you are interested in any of the opportunities below, contact our Community Events and Alumni Coordinator Jenny Chiang at

  • Language, Culture, and Traditions: Ignite our community with your unique family, religious, or cultural celebrations and traditions! Share your heritage and foster an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity. 

  • Admissions Support: Join the dynamic Parent Ambassador Group and become a TLS advocate, spreading the love for our school far and wide! Help us welcome new families, share your TLS journey with prospective parents, and assist with admissions events. 

  • Annual Fund: Become a fundraising hero and support TLS's annual operating needs! In the fall, connect with fellow families, champion the importance of giving, and make a difference with ease using our provided talking points. Your generosity powers our success and students' experiences! 

  • TLS Spring Auction: Unleash your creativity and get involved in our thrilling Spring Auction! Whether you excel at planning, procurement, sponsorships, or data entry, you'll play a crucial role in making this event unforgettable. 

  • Community Service Projects: Be the change you wish to see! Join forces with the Parent/Guardian Association, classes, and specialists to lead impactful community service projects. From food and clothing drives to environmental clean-ups, your kindness knows no bounds! 

  • Campus Care Crew: Unleash your drive to make a visible difference on our campus! Join forces with the Campus Care Crew to engage in projects like furniture assembly, garden bed mulching, tree trimming, power washing, and play structure creation. Your unwavering efforts will directly enhance our school's environment, providing a more enjoyable space for the entire community.

  • Garden/Outdoor Support: Embrace the great outdoors and nurture our beautiful campus gardens and trails. Channel your green thumb and join our stewardship efforts in creating a vibrant, sustainable environment for all. 

  • Library: Calling all bookworms and literature lovers! Be a guiding light in our library, offering extra hands and spreading the joy of reading throughout our school.

  • Alumni Association: As a caring parent, you can keep the TLS spirit alive! Help us foster connections between fellow alums, brainstorm exciting event ideas, craft engaging alumni newsletters, and preserve our cherished memories for generations to come. 

  • Food: Share your culinary magic and organize delightful faculty snacks and appreciation meals. Let your passion for cooking shine as you bring joy and nourishment to our dedicated staff. Bon appétit!

Additional volunteer opportunities often arise throughout the school year. From assisting with event setup and cleanup to capturing cherished school portraits, you can make a meaningful impact. Look out for email notifications about these emerging opportunities!

At The Little School, every contribution matters. Your commitment, skills, and expertise will help us continue to build a stronger, more compassionate community. For more information, contact our Community Events and Alumni Coordinator Jenny Chiang at

Families working together to weed the garden
Parent volunteer doing an art project with a student