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A Goodbye and a Look Ahead

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The office now echoes, the shelves are empty of books and the walls are cleared of posters and student art. It is almost time for me to turn out the lights! It has been a pleasure to spend the last nine years on The Little School campus. Not much is better than working in support of young children growing, learning, playing and laughing. I leave with deep appreciation for all the people that are The Little School community. As I go through files and folders, getting ready to closeout my tenure at The Little School, I am also looking ahead. The work here is not done. Julie Kalmus will take the wheel and continue to steer TLS forward, always with young children front and center.

Looking out my window, the campus is absent of children, replaced by construction vehicles and crews. Ahead is an incredibly exciting year with buildings refurbished. Soon new parking and, better yet, a new facility inviting the community to be together in ways not possible before. As anyone knows who has been involved in a construction or remodeling project, plans change, and flexibility and adaptability are a must. This will be true at The Little School as well. Here are a few construction updates but keep in mind things will change and further communication will come in July: 

• Woods, Meadows and LLC are being refurbished and upgraded as you read this piece.
• The land use permit from the city has been delayed which means the parking/drive reconfiguration is also delayed.

Because of this delay, we are looking into a variety of options to help lessen the impact on our students and families. Already in place for the fall is off-site parking for our faculty and staff. Other options we are looking into include staggered start times, student and/or family shuttles, carpools and changes to our sign in/out procedures, particularly for our 3- &4-year olds.

The important message here is to stay tuned, stay flexible, stay patient, and imagine the possibilities that lie ahead! Take care Little School.