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Important Announcement from The Little School

Friday, August 24, 2018

To The Little School Community and Friends,

With sadness and deep appreciation for Peter, the Board of Trustees has accepted his request to make this school year his last with us. My letter accompanies his heartfelt and thoughtful announcement to all of you. 

My first year at the school as a parent was Peter’s first year as Interim Head. I remember being struck by how great a fit he was for our school even as I myself was just getting acquainted with TLS. Since then, Peter has proven himself over and over again to be a dedicated and compassionate leader, deeply committed to The Little School. He has hired outstanding education professionals; improved enrollment stability; updated our marketing and communications; been a steadfast champion of our school in the broader education community; finalized a campus plan that enhances community building, supports responsive learning and improves safety; and brought the school into excellent financial standing. I am so grateful for his service and passionate, steady approach to his role here. And, I personally have truly enjoyed serving the school in partnership with him. We are so relieved that Peter is healthy, and we will send him off with every good wish, but thankfully not until the end of June.

While the timing of Peter’s departure was spurred by his own health considerations, his decision displays his thoughtful leadership of the school. As he points out for us in his letter, it is an opportune transition time for the school to welcome our next leader. By the end of this school year, the school will complete a self-study for NWAIS accreditation, launch and fulfill the Campaign for a Big Future in support of campus upgrades, and break ground on site improvements leading ultimately to a beautiful, long awaited community gathering space. This work punctuates Peter’s contributions and provides a solid launch pad from which a new Head of School can propel us further along our trajectory of providing the ultimate child-centered, progressive, preschool and elementary school experience.

A Search Committee has been formed to participate in the selection process for the new Head of School. It will be led by Noel Murphy, a parent of two alumni and a long-time board member who participated in our previous head search processes. The Search Committee is representative of the community with faculty, staff, current parents, alumni parents and board members serving as volunteers. Terry Macaluso from NewThinker has been contracted to advise us through the process. We will be selecting a Head of School who will build on Peter’s legacy with a deep understanding of progressive education in the preschool and elementary context and leverage our environmental education program, wooded campus and outstanding teaching faculty to preserve The Little School way of meeting the needs of children as they develop their own authentic voices.

This will be the start of an exciting chapter on a revitalized campus with a new Head of School. As the attached calendar outlines, the new Head of School will open the 2019-2020 school year. There will be opportunities for community involvement in the process starting with an anonymous survey, which can be accessed at and will soon be available through our website as well. Your feedback and recommendations go directly to our search consultant and will inform the search committee's process. 

As we dive back in to the joy of collaborative learning at TLS and celebrate our 60th year, I hope you will join me in celebrating and thanking Peter for what will be nine years of service at The Little School.

With deep gratitude for Peter and enthusiasm for our future,

Kelly Chang
Board Chair


The Little School Head of School Search Process and Anticipated Timing

August 24, 2018    Head of School Opportunity announced and posted
September 2018  Candidate pool created and committee review process begins
October 8-18, 2018 3-4 chosen finalists will each visit for two full days on campus and interact with all school constituencies (faculty, students, parents, alums and trustees). This will be an all-hands on deck couple of weeks as we collectively meet and evaluate the candidates as well as show off our school.
November 1, 2018  Announcement of Head of School
July 1, 2019  New Head of School begins