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Every family is required to keep updated records with the school. Most of that information is updated in the summer through SchoolForms Online (SFO).

In addition to the forms accessed through SFO, you must submit your student's immunization records before August 30 using the official CIS form. Under Washington State law, proof of your student's MMR status is required before they will be allowed to attend class. Please print and complete the CIS form, and then email it to Michele at, drop it off in the Admin Building or fax it to 425-827-3814.

Permission is required for the application of sunscreen, lip balm or hand lotion for our Early Childhood students. Please submit this form to the school if you would like faculty to assist your child with these during the school day.


Please click the button below to access the SFO forms specific to your child(ren) and family.


If additional medical forms are necessary, those forms may be accessed below. For more information, contact Michele at