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Getting Started on Slack

Here's how it works:

  • You will receive an email from Slack inviting you to join.

  • Click on the Join Now link, and provide your name and a password. You'll be taken to the #general channel and will be able to see the channels that are available to you. Channels have been created by class for the Meadows Building and our EC-K Connected Learning class, and by level for Woods and Cedars. Click on + Add Channels (or the + sign next to Channels on your mobile device), then look for the name of your child's teacher when choosing which channel to join.
  • Click on your name in the top right corner to update your profile and picture. Let the TLS community see who you are.
  • Read the Slack Communication Norms for our community, our shared agreement for how we can make the most of this community building tool. Of important note: we are using Slack to help build community at TLS. If you have questions or concerns that pertain to classroom or school matters, please reach out to the appropriate staff member. When in doubt or for help connecting, contact Becky Dolan via direct message in Slack or email
  • Start communicating!

Here's some helpful information to get you started:

Channels: Think of a channel as an interest group or topic. We have created channels by class for the younger classes an by level for the older classes. More channels can be added to respond to the interests of our community. Would you like to start a parent book club or an outerwear clothes swap? Contact Becky Dolan via direct message in Slack to recommend a new channel.

Messages: When you're in a channel, you can send a message for all parents in the channel to read. Simply type your message and hit Enter to send. You can add photos, attach files and add emojis.

Emojis and Reactions: Using emojis can be a lot of fun, but they can also help by giving a quick reaction and keeping the channel free of clutter. Here are some useful reactions and their meanings to start:

@mentions: When you want to grab someone's attention in a channel, mention them in your message. Use an @ symbol when you're writing a message, then start typing a member's name or select one from the list of members. You can also use @channel to notify everyone who is a member of the channel. Use @mentions sparingly, as it can feel like spam quite quickly.

Notifications: Right click on a channel to set your notifications. You can choose to be notified for every new message in a channel, just your @mentions or none. You can have different notification plans for each channel and for your mobile device.

Threads: Using a thread is a way to organize discussions on a particular topic within a channel. Threads let you discuss topics in detail without adding clutter to a conversation’s main view and help make discussions easier to keep track of. While threads are connected to the original message from the channel, thread replies won’t appear in the conversation’s main view. Only those who have contributed or who have followed the thread will be notified of new replies. More information on threads can be found here: