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Posted by Peter Berner-Hays, Head of School on Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Over the years I have heard Steve Goldenberg use the word authentic nearly countless times. While he used the word in different contexts and settings, it always referred to the experience of children. More specifically he was describing the type of learning that is the hallmark of his classroom. Further, it describes a must for all classrooms, a bar for all of us to reach toward. Substitute words might include real, serious, legitimate, pure, credible, accurate or convincing. These words are... Read More
Posted by Peter Berner-Hays, Head of School on Tuesday, January 29, 2019
My favorite public access library is the Suzzallo Library on the University of Washington campus. With two million volumes and lush wood and stained glass throughout, it is a temple to books and knowledge. The Little School has a different kind of library, though no less powerful. With 20,000 volumes, cozy nooks, stuffies in every corner and the famed bathtub, it is a sanctuary for children and to reading and learning. While the space itself is rich with opportunity and welcome, it is Nancy... Read More
Posted by Jenny Steen, Chair, Committee on Trustees (COT) on Friday, January 11, 2019
Dear Little School Families and Friends, This time of year, many of us are looking ahead to the future, making plans and resolutions for the days ahead. As a Board of Trustees, future planning is familiar territory. It is our responsibility to care for and preserve The Little School’s future, ensuring its vitality for the next generation and the next beyond that. Even as we celebrate this year’s 60th anniversary, the Board is making decisions with the school’s centennial in mind. It’s... Read More
Posted by Julie Kalmus on Saturday, October 27, 2018
Dear Kelly and Members of The Little School Community, What an honor it is to be offered the opportunity to lead The Little School into its next chapter! Every step of the interview process affirmed my decision to apply. I enjoyed my time with the community and learned so much about the deep and meaningful ways each of you cherish the school. Since my visit, I have reflected on what makes the community and culture at The Little School feel so resonant for me. The energy and engagement of... Read More
Posted by Kelly Chang, Board Chair on Saturday, October 27, 2018
To The Little School Community and Friends, A head of school search, while not a regularly occurring event for a school community, is a healthy aspect of school life, providing an opportunity for reflection and orientation toward growth and the future. It brings us into a conversation about who we are as a school, where we are going together, and who can lead us there. In August when Peter signaled that the school was ready for a transition of leadership, we began the search for someone with a... Read More
Posted by Peter Berner-Hays, Head of School on Friday, August 24, 2018
Dear Little School Families and Friends, The past eight months have been personally challenging and have caused me to think deeply about my life, health, family and work. I have been experiencing some health challenges which will be addressed with neck surgery scheduled for September 17. I will be fine, but these past months have offered new perspectives coupled with the realization that this is an opportune transition point for the school. I am in a different place than I was six months or a... Read More
Posted by Kelly Chang, Board Chair on Friday, August 24, 2018
To The Little School Community and Friends, With sadness and deep appreciation for Peter, the Board of Trustees has accepted his request to make this school year his last with us. My letter accompanies his heartfelt and thoughtful announcement to all of you.  My first year at the school as a parent was Peter’s first year as Interim Head. I remember being struck by how great a fit he was for our school even as I myself was just getting acquainted with TLS. Since then, Peter has proven himself... Read More
Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017
What an amazing response to our first ever food drive to support the Hopelink Pantry Packs program. Together we collected over 1,600 pounds of food, allowing us to make 301 pantry packs for Lake Washington students, as well as amassing an additional 22 bags of food to donate to Hopelink. It was truly a community event, and couldn't have been done without the support of students, families and volunteers. Many of our classes participated in the effort by transporting donations from Meadows and... Read More
Posted by Sally Vongsathorn, Art Teacher on Tuesday, May 2, 2017
"The Migration Series" by painter Jacob Lawrence chronicles the exodus of African Americans from the rural south to the industrial north in the years after World War I. The first thing that strikes you about Lawrence’s Migration paintings is the small scale of each panel. Hung at an adult’s eye level they mimic windows, evenly patterned fenestration. Both of those features, the size and the window-like quality, speak volumes about the 60 paintings that comprise Lawrence’s essential work. In... Read More
Posted by Peter Berner-Hays, Head of School on Tuesday, February 7, 2017
As I do a mental review of the dozens of teachers that I have had in my life, several stand out for their impact on my life as a child and as an adult. Helen Jewitt was my elementary school PE teacher. In fact, she was my father’s PE teacher as well. She taught me how to skip, how to square dance, how to ride a bike with turned down handle bars, and she taught me the strict rules of tether ball – certainly one of the great playground games of all time. She taught me about humility in winning... Read More