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1st and 2nd Grade

1st and 2nd graders deepen their learning through Thematic Studies. With connected activities through math, literacy, art and social studies, children are given a meaningful context for learning.

As teachers, we know that 1st and 2nd graders arrive at school each day already inspired. Whether by a lost tooth or an eagle spotted along their drive, it is our job to observe, listen and respond intentionally to this inspiration with respect, patience and an open mind. We know that the beauty of being six, seven and eight is that everything is a possibility, so it is our task to create curricular units that take advantage of this unique time of awe and wonder.

Can we study space? Yes, we can figure that out. What do you wonder about space? Who’s interested in going to the garden to paint? Everyone. What colors do you see? Whatever our thematic study, children practice asking questions that guide their learning and expressing themselves as scientists, painters, engineers and poets with authenticity. Whether a child comes to school reading English at a fourth-grade level or as someone who speaks multiple languages, we honor each child as they are, and facilitate learning experiences that are dynamic, flexible and meaningful, offering a point of entry for everyone. In 1st and 2nd grade, it benefits everyone to let imaginations soar, because when we are free to be creative, the most inventive, engaging and challenging learning happens.