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3rd Grade

Third graders are ready to explore their learning more deeply. Their growing maturity allows them to begin to see themselves as part of the world around them. Third graders are invested in their social connections and are learning to collaborate with their peers.

They are increasingly able to regulate themselves so that they can engage in learning and thinking for longer periods of time.

They are ready to exercise their independence. This trust from their community empowers them to make more informed decisions. Third graders are building their learning mindsets, including learning to engage with productive struggle and to grow from mistakes. 

Incredible & Influential Biography Project

In this project, students worked to:

  • Research a historical figure.
  • Identify the most important details and synthesize information from multiple sources.
  • Understand the historical significance of their figure.
  • Take notes about the information they learned in their own words.
  • Organize their thinking into a clear, informational text.
  • Strengthen some computer literacy skills including typing and navigating documents.

Please enjoy their projects here, using the menu at the top (and dropdown menu) to navigate to each student’s project.