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Early Childhood

Early childhood students are in mixed-age classrooms, which include three to five-year-olds (preschool/prekindergarten). This age group is joyful, energetic and open to new experiences.

They are intrinsically curious explorers, living deeply in a land of wonder and constant motion. They are ready and excited to make friends, to be part of a group and do things with increasing independence.

As three to five-year-olds enter school, they widen their community and begin to look beyond themselves. They wonder aloud regularly and engage their questions with hands-on experiments.

The Early Childhood Program Faculty.

Left to right: Cindy Weber, Hannah Sternberg, Mem Merrin, Asher Hicks, Jo Smith, Keiko Andrews, Kristin Hornell, Sophia Egler

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." 

— Fred Rogers

A group of students learning outside.
Students on the playground in autumn.
Students playing in a pile of leaves.
Two students playing with a shark and marbles.
A student handing a fern to another.
A group of students standing around shells and a starfish.
A student playing in the sandbox.
A group of students painting on a canvas.
A student holding two paintbrushes.
A student sitting at a round table holding a pen.
A student inside a mini chalkboard house.
A student and teacher reading a book about nature.
Two students reading.
A collage of students in the gym, at a computer lab, and outdoors.
A group of students participating in a cultural art project.
Students sitting while an adult plays them acoustic guitar.
Students playing with building blocks.