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Expanding Possibilities
The Little School

Take a look at what TLS has been doing the last two years! In our new publication, Expanding Possibilities, we share stories of our growth, excitement for the future and appreciation, as well as updates from our amazing community.

Purposeful Discussion in the Math Classroom
Amanda Haecker – 3rd grade teacher

Leading students in conversations about math helps them see patterns and connections, build a positive relationship with math and understand that math is for everyone.

  • math
Making Space for Tough Questions
Max Honch – 4th/5th grade teacher

Children are amazing at asking questions that stop adults in their tracks. While these moments can feel silly or uncomfortable to answer, they are critical moments for developing a class community.

  • social emotional learning
Rainy Days – An Invitation to Play
Cindy Weber, Kristin Hornell, Jacqueline Latif and Mem Merrin – early childhood teachers

Outdoor play and learning across all seasons are valued at TLS. Rather than limiting our time outdoors to those days when the weather is a pleasant 70 degrees and the sun is shining, we have embraced our climate and are outside rain or shine.

  • outdoor play
Outdoors x SEL Collabs
Jimmy Chu – third grade teacher

I’ve been thinking a lot about the intersection of the outdoors and SEL (social-emotional learning) to offer fresh learning. Teaching at TLS, surrounded by nature and colleagues cooking up collabs, has helped me see how bringing students outdoors and learning in that untethered space can be socially and emotionally transformative. 

  • social emotional learning
Math in 4th and 5th Grade
Katie Warden

Katie Warden teaches 4th and 5th grade students at TLS. She created a video that explains how multiplication and division are taught in 4th and 5th grade at TLS

  • math
Students collaborating and conferring about the assignment.
Aurora McCone and Taira McKinney – Kindergarten Teachers

With a diverse range of students, teachers are always excited for each student to show their strengths in their work. The pride shines in their eyes as they accomplish something that felt challenging. The tricky part as teachers, is to find that just right challenge for each student.

  • literacy
  • math
Thematic, Integrated Unit Planning: Immersive Academics Harness Imagination
Katie Warden, Max Honch and Maddie Rawding – 4th/5th grade teaching team

Many teaching teams at The Little School choose a thematic word to guide our integrated approach to academics. Past themes include voice, symbiosis and impact. Teachers choose words that harness the spirit of the age group.

  • theme

Part of being a learning community committed to continuous growth includes taking time to reflect on what works and why. Our Educators' Blog provides a space for this reflection and celebrates the authentic learning that occurs on campus. If any of our posts pique your interest, please reach out at

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