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Sunday Health and Wellness Update

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Dear Families,

I hope the weekend has been a lovely one and that you had a chance to get outdoors and breathe in the spring air. The blooming trees are just beautiful. It makes me grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest.

We continue to closely monitor COVID-19 locally, nationally and globally. All weekend, we corresponded with local and national independent school heads as we shared perspectives, concerns, approaches and solutions with one another. Though TLS continues to have no reported or suspected cases of the virus, COVID-19 continues to spread and it is increasingly likely that King County will recommend further social distancing measures.

To better understand that possibility and the best approach to take at this time, we consulted again with our public health nurse, as well as Seattle-area pediatricians to seek their advice about staying open. They asked thoughtful questions about our community, class sizes, faculty, access to the outdoors, cleaning procedures and approach to hygiene. All recommend we stay open at this time. One commented that, in many ways, including our small class sizes and unusual access to nature, we are the “ideal environment for children in this situation, particularly in the U.S.”

We will be open tomorrow and hope to welcome your children to another week of learning and friendship.

As we head into the week, please continue to support the wellness of the community in the following ways:

  • Please keep your child home if they are ill or if members of your family have a fever.
  • Please practice good hygiene. Handwashing is one of our best defenses.
  • Communicate with the school about any illness in your home.
  • One pediatrician suggested each family take their child’s temperature before getting in the car to come to school. If your child has a fever, even if they are not showing symptoms of being ill, they should remain home.

Also, please continue to prepare for possible closure. Though closing is not our preference, safety and wellness are our priorities. If we receive recommendations to close, we will.

Thank you for your continued support, communication and partnership.

On behalf of the faculty and staff,