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Student Support Team

The Student Support Team (SST) is composed of the school counselor, the literacy & learning specialist, the assistant head of school and the head of school. As a team, this group meets weekly to focus their collective energies and perspectives on individual students, groups of children or a class as a whole. Discussions are often initiated by a teacher expressing concerns or questions about a student. These meetings are group listening and strategy generation sessions with the goal of understanding children deeply and meeting their needs in and out of the classroom. Likewise, the SST is a resource for teaching staff as well as parents/guardians in the form of a consultation group. Our primary purpose is highlighted by the word support in the name.

A second function of the SST is to guide the creation and development of Learning Support Plans (LSP). The LSP is a structured way to organize our thinking, our school-wide work with and on behalf of a student, and to build a partnership between school and family, and sometimes outside agencies or clinicians, to support the growth and learning of a child. These LSP’s may focus on specific learning challenges and needs, physical or health concerns, and even social/emotional development. LSP’s are, in fact, an agreement between the school and a family guiding our work together with the needs and best interests of children front and center.