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The art program builds on the natural creativity of children, while developing the skills and concepts that form the basis of art making. Art experiences are framed by four guiding principles:

  • respond to the emergent interests of our students
  • integrate with classroom content and learning
  • take inspiration from our forested campus; often nature-based
  • value a process-oriented approach to artistic expression

Art for the early childhood students at The Little School is based in art exploration and social emotional learning. The students at this age level are still experiencing a lot of new ideas and materials, so why not let them explore and experiment? Each week, students use new materials as they see fit, giving them the opportunity to discover art on their own terms. Having the students discover art in this way allows students to think creatively and critically, building their ability to problem solve as they continue through their education.

As students mature, art becomes rooted in exploring one’s identity as an artist through creative, critical and social emotional learning and thinking. Through the lens of exploration, art technique and art history, students tie their personal interests and concepts into lessons while honing their skills as artists and learning about previous artists and art movements.

Each spring student artwork is exhibited in a gallery setting as part of our annual Arts Festival. In addition to the opportunity to create anew, this celebration recognizes the rich artistic creativity of our students. Each child has work of their choosing on display as part of a stunning collection, showcasing the depth and breadth of artistic media, styles and creative exploration. Seeing one's work displayed in a public space encourages students to appreciate, respect and value themselves and their peers as creative agents.