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Children’s natural curiosity is fueled and furthered when they find answers to their questions and wonderings. The library creates a community of readers and zealous information seekers. Each student’s identity as a reader is reinforced by offering a variety of reading material and creating opportunities for students to share their reading joy with their class. Students develop their ability to articulate their reading interests and preferences by crafting recommendations and book talks or whenever they excitedly wave a copy of their favorite comic in a friends’ direction! By sharing a variety of books with the class, they become familiar, even appreciative, of formats and styles that they may not have otherwise encountered.

The library also invites students to consider the ways that stories can celebrate, reveal or explain histories, identities, friendships, culture and conflict. Filled with diverse voices and perspectives, our collection reflects our commitment to expand conversations around justice, stewardship, community and respect.

Lastly, the library is a place for all members of our community to seek information and learn. Students are supported to build their ability to research and understand a topic, learning how to assess information and its sources. Faculty use a robust professional development collection to expand their skill and knowledge base. Families are encouraged to explore titles about parenting, child development, learning or any other subject that captures their interest.