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The purpose of the creative music, movement and drama program at TLS is to build students’ musical knowledge in a fun and engaging way, to develop locomotor and spatial awareness through dance and movement and to teach voice projection that enhances public speaking in class or in a performance. The music program also gives students the building blocks they will need to go out into the world and explore what music has to offer them. It gives them the foundation to create their own opinions about music and how they can approach it in a way that is meaningful, knowledgeable and joyful.

Students explore the concepts of rhythm, tempo, duration, pitch, dynamics, accents and pauses holistically, experiencing them with their voices, bodies and imaginations in a way that also connects and responds to their interests and experiences in the classroom. Music is also experienced through singing, listening to and moving to a variety of songs, rhymes and chants. Students are able to make connections with the role of music in their lives, sing and play instruments, create and compose music and explore notation.