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The TLS physical education program cultivates a sense of body awareness and engages children in such a way that they develop initiative and sheer joy in the process of intentional movement. Through our P.E. program, students come to understand that movement is important for our whole body throughout our whole lives. Children are naturally driven to move and the goal at TLS is to give structure, skill and purpose to that movement.

Our program aligns with an ever-increasing body of modern research proving that structured and unstructured physical activity has a positive effect on children’s executive functioning, motor skills, sensory integration, health and academic success. As students develop physical skills such as coordination, large motor, balance, sensory motor integration and proprioception, they engage in games and activities that build healthy social/emotional skills as well. Setting personal fitness goals, learning cooperative and team sports and exploring strategies to build skills and fluency, lead students to practice and discuss sportsmanship, communication, inclusion and fairness.