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Student Support Team

The Student Support Team (SST) is composed of our learning specialist, school counselor and director of learning and support. Together with school leadership, the SST works to support individual students, their teachers, and their families for a successful school experience. The SST focuses their efforts on a student's ability to fully access the TLS curriculum and participate as member of a group. The SST identifies tools and strategies to try. They assist with referrals, and they work to implement classroom and school-based accommodations.

The SST guides in the creation of in-house Learning Support Plans (LSP) and Accommodation Plans (AP) for students with identified needs. These documents provide a structured way to support students. Learning Support Plans (LSPs) and Accommodation Plans (APs) may focus on specific learning challenges, physical or health concerns and/or social and emotional development. They function as communication tools, helping us strengthen partnerships between school and family.