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Three Weeks and a World Away!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I returned to The Little School campus on Monday after a nearly three week family trip to India. The trip was initially focused on attending the wedding of the son of some very long time friends. The trip unfolded as a vibrant and intense introduction to unfamiliar cultures, customs, religions, traditions, languages, shrines and new foods. Perhaps most powerful was the reality that many days, we were the only Caucasians in sight. Needless to say it was a spectacular family learning experience.

Reading The Hindu Times almost every day exposed me to ideas and stories from the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Sadly, many stories recounted tragic and hate-filled events. On the airplane home I watched the BBC News stories of tragedies here at home. The world is in a difficult space. These three weeks have me thinking about the work we must do here at The Little School. Our mission talks about social and academic skill development; it also focuses on compassion and community mindedness. These are the skills and attitudes necessary that will help shape a better more connected world!

And now back on campus I am struck by the lush green quiet of our campus. It is a treat to be back and yet my perspective is slightly changed. The campus looks much the same though there are clean coats of paint, a few new employees and stacks of boxes with new chairs and storage bins. Inside the work of summer is focused on preparations for the 16/17 school year. Not the school year hum, but definitely lots going on. Plus there is the roll out of our brand new website. Great photos, easy navigation and lots of helpful information is here. The work of summer sets the stage for the real work with children. I look forward to their return come September.