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Thursday Health and Wellness Update

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Hi TLS Families,

There are many lessons that this situation is going to teach us in the coming weeks. Today, the reminder was about the amazing ways that we are wired to pull together as a community and support one another. Thank you to everyone for your meaningful messages of support. We are deeply grateful for this community.

We promised to circle back today with updates from our conversations at school and have some fun stories to share. However, it’s important to update everyone with news from the Governors’ office today. Governor Inslee ordered that all schools close for the next six weeks. The earliest we will be allowed to reopen under current guidelines is April 24. This is a much longer closure than we anticipated or hoped for. As the Governor explained, it is our time to come together to support one another. I am confident that we are up to this challenge.

Tomorrow, we will spend the day preparing for continuity, connection and learning as we move forward. We will send details regarding some of our plans tomorrow and send more information on Monday evening. We are already excited to reconnect with your kids on Tuesday!

Here are some highlights from the day. “Can you see me!!!!????” exclaims one of our early childhood students as they Zoomed into their classroom to say “hello” to friends. They were met with stories and giggles from classmates.

“Hug my stuffy. He’s going to have to come home with me so we can help people. We’ll be back as soon as we can!” offers a Woods student before skipping off to complete a map of her “dream city.” The map, covered in symbols and complete with a key to explain each one, had in its center, The Little School.

At P.E., kids hopped, jumped, leapt and skipped across the Big Field, breathing in the fresh air and falling to the ground with laughter.

The Cedars students went into the woods and held a hunter/gatherer simulation to launch their next theme study. They reflected on the challenges of life back then, how much people had to rely on each other and their knowledge of the earth. It was the perfect conversation for the days ahead.

When it came time to talk about closure, your kids were wonderful. They understood their role and the way that they can help. They brought forth their trademark curiosity about what distance learning might be like and shared ideas about how to make it “even more awesome,” including a proposed Zoom party, introducing each other’s pets and getting “even more time to read!”

Kids remind us that in times of uncertainty, there is also possibility. Here is to the possibilities ahead!

On behalf of the faculty and staff,