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In the Works

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Looking out of my office window with the morning sun filtering through the branches of a Douglas fir tree, I am quickly reminded of the specialness of this place. We are a rare school balancing the natural environment with its trees, ferns, bugs and birds with the buildings and facilities that combine to offer children a uniquely rich learning environment inside and outside. If you ever visit other schools, you will see and feel and hear the differences. Even your breathing might be different. Part of the spirit, the magic of The Little School lives in the woods, the field, the classrooms and the cozy corners of the library. We are committed to preserving and maintaining this campus in thoughtful child- and community-focused ways. The faculty/staff and the Board of Trustees are two groups entrusted with the day-to-day and the long-term sustainability of The Little School. Part of our work is to consider carefully the physical and facility needs of the school currently and looking forward.

In the next few weeks and months there will be several opportunities to get your thoughts about our campus and facility’s needs. We are embarking on a structured campus planning process alongside architects from the firm Meng Strazzara to develop a better understanding of what works well on our campus and what areas and facilities need improvement. This may lead toward some remodeling and even new structures. We want very much to protect and preserve the heart, the spirit and the feel of our campus. For decades this campus has been a place of deep learning for children’s imaginations, exploration and creativity. We want ideas and input from the entire Little School community – current students and their families, faculty and staff, alums young and old are all a part of this process. The job ahead is to identify what needs improving and what elements of our campus are just right as is. It will be exciting work. Starting on Sunday at the Ice Cream Social (from 2-4 p.m.) we will invite you to share your thoughts, your questions, your pet peeves and your pie-in-the-sky inspirations. This will happen through poster board and Post-it idea sharing stations, and follow up surveys and questionnaires. In-person conversations are welcome as well. We want to know what you think. In the weeks ahead more information will be coming. In the meantime, I hope you will start thinking about this campus, our indoor spaces, our facilities and our outdoor spaces, and get ready to share your ideas.

See you for ice cream on Sunday afternoon.